Let’s Play Ladies and Gentlemen!


Okay. So I guess that this is it.

It’s been gradually dawning on me that I talk about cricket too much. It’s my default conversation. I’ll be at home and it’ll come to my mind that domestic cricket in Bangladesh needs a restructure or that Oman should have selected an extra spinner in their World T20 squad, so I’ll inform my wife who to be fair will do a reasonably convincing job of sounding interested. When I arrive at work and am greeted with such phrases as “Now then” my responses of something along the lines of “Twenty-two at about a run a ball, I even hit a six” can sometimes catch people off guard. Pity the poor sod that’s sat next to me in the canteen at lunch. “So Edmund, I was thinking last night that if cricket was at the Olympics it would really peak China’s interest. Your thoughts please?”. That’s when it hit me. Rather than randomly assaulting unwilling individuals with my thoughts on everything from village to county to intergalactic cricket, if I can get it all off my chest before I encounter those poor people, my wife, my work colleagues, the corner shop employee and ideally let it all out somewhere where people might want to hear it, a place where people have chosen to visit for the sole purpose of reading about cricket. Well that place now exists and it’s called Silly Point! As the late Tony Greig used to spout over and over on Ashes ’09 on the PS3 “At the end of the day, cricket is cricket”. Well this my friends is cricket as I know it.

Let’s play ladies and gentlemen!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ladies and Gentlemen!

  1. So? What did Edmund think?
    Good luck with your blog. Thanks for your recent visit to my cricket one, don’t let the fact it’s died on its arse put you off. My enthusiasm isn’t a patch on yours and although my interest has hit the buffers somewhat I’ll look forward to reading more of your stuff. Best wishes. 🙂


  2. Edmund is actually called Alan but I didn’t want to embarrass him by naming him on site however I think that he’s one of the (many) people who claims to have lost the piece of paper that I gave him with the web address on. Many thanks for your comments. I’ve managed to maintain my enthusiasm for about three weeks now only semi-neglecting my wife and child. I’m sure that Cricinfo will be in touch with me soon!

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  3. I’m a little disappointed you’ve used pseudonyms Silly Point, whether Almund’s embarrassed or not. And if he’s ‘lost’ the piece of paper we can say what we like about the snivelling, canteen lingering loser.
    Yours etc
    Sandmanstwin/sgtcookieblog/whichever name I’ve adopted this week/apologies to top man Alan if he’s become a regular reader


  4. Ah but you accept I middled it, that’ll do me. Still didn’t get a note from WordPress. Do they possess similar communication skills as our beloved skip… Can we get Matty Prior to act as some kind if intermediate… Or shall I just tick the notify box properly this time. Pa Zazz!


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