Throwback Thursday


I’ve just invented this new thing. It’s called Throwback Thursday. As a non-Facebooker, Tweeter or Instagrammer, it would be pure coincidence if such a thing existed on those websites!

Who wears an arm guard in Division Seven?

Image rights disclaimer: (The above photo is provided courtesy of my wife). The most epic forty-five minute innings of four runs (Including half an hour before achieving duck avoidance!) one man and his dog have ever seen.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Was your Mrs. fielding at short extra cover when she took this? It looks like she was about to capture a rare speckled winged thing on the far fence when a batter stumbled into her perspective.
    Anyway another dross free post SP, have another ‘like’.


  2. Deep Extra Cover is pretty much spot on, though the bench is on the other side of the boundary rope. The idea of the blog was to write the occasional in-depth article but International Duck Watch and snippets like this are taking over my life!

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  3. Dear Silly Point,
    I feel a little…er silly.
    Point is I’ve been following your blog for a week or two now and, on occasion, have been moved to ‘like’ or comment on an inspired piece of writing.
    So far so no silliness. (‘Inspired piece of writing’ aside)
    The basic facts are I had no idea you had replied to this and if you’ve replied to other comments WordPress, fine and upstanding hosts that they are, failed to notify me of such decency.
    Can I apologise for my ignorance and assure you any future replies, should they be made, should find their way to me now I’ve discovered the ‘notify me…’ Tick box thing.
    I’m now going to retrace my steps and seek out any other replies I’ve missed so if your viewing figures look impressive tonight (as I’m sure they do most nights) it may be down to my buffoonery.
    Apologies and good wishes
    Silly Point follower.


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