Australia’s Anti-Christmas


What exactly do Australia’s cricketers do on Christmas Day?

Australia traditionally play a Test match commencing on Boxing Day. Their players spend the build-up preparing for the match as they would do any other. Now I’m going to assume that not all of Australia’s cricketers are regular church attendees and like many of us even if they’re not of any particular religious inclination that they’d enjoy some family time and the opportunity to give and receive some presents to and from their loved ones.

But surely they’re either missing out on their children’s Christmas and aren’t at home with their family or if their wife and children etc have come to join them on Christmas Day then I can’t help but think that’d actually be a little disruptive to their loved ones Christmas plans. Australia is a big country (Honestly it is!).

Would the Australian players families appreciate being displaced on Christmas Day?

Maybe the players partners and families fly into Test town, presents in hand to celebrate in a hotel on Christmas morning but possibly they’d rather be opening their presents with their children at home then going around to their parents for dinner (I appreciate it isn’t usually Turkey and the rest in Oz) a little later.

Do the player’s families fly in for Christmas Eve then make a mad dash across the country (Possibly hours by plane) back to their parents etc late Christmas Eve or even on Christmas Day itself?

Maybe some of the player’s families do wish to attend church on Christmas Eve or the day itself and their congregation will not be impressed by their non-attendance.

If I were a professional cricketer would I want my church attending devout Catholic wife to leave her home, not attend Mass and have the hassle of travelling around the Christmas period?

Would I not want to spend our first Christmas with our daughter together in our house and later in the day visit our family?

Maybe most of the Pakistan team won’t be too bothered though in a population of over 195 million up to 5% practice Christianity.

Should we expect cricket to stop for Christmas?

It doesn’t stop for anything else. Alastair Cook has barely seen his second child and as much as I’d love to be an international cricketer I can’t imagine that his time in India would have been a good feeling regardless of results… or did his not bonding with his child and supporting his wife affect his performance?

I’m rambling a little, like a drunk uncle at Christmas so I’ll put a stocking in it.

Remember… cricket is for life not just for Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Australia’s Anti-Christmas

  1. Interestingly enough, they are now considering playing a BBL game, or two, on Christmas night. But I’m struggling to see who would actually attend and whether the players would be as keen to participate as CA are to stage it. I understand that there is demand for games on television, and a game on Christmas Day would without doubt attract a fair home viewing audience – if they get the time slot right. I couldn’t see a big crowd attending the game though, as most families would be getting together over the Chritmas break to, as you say, attend church or share a meal and a yarn. Watching cricket, or at least physically travelling to the game to be apart of the crowd, would be at the bottom of many peoples agendas and a Big Bash game wouldn’t even pass their minds as a sensible event to attend after a day of festivities. That’s without even considering the events staff, security etc. they would need to employ and drag away from their busy Christmas schedule.

    Like you say, Boxing Day cricket is big here in Australia and is on just about every television the country over. I’m not sure how the players cope, I’m sure it must be a burden having to train when they could be around their family and friends. I guess it’s another example that far too much international cricket, particularly test matches, are being scheduled and that we should cut back for the mental and physical wellbeing of the players.

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  2. I couldn’t understand Cookie going to Bangladesh when his new child was fresh out of the cellophane so to speak. Perhaps worried the team would win convincingly without him only to suffer defeat in India on his return. I have an image of him wanting to stay to support his family but due to his poor communication skills (and Matt Prior being busy) Alice just packed him off and sighed with relief as the taxi left the farm yard. Sorry, I’m being unkind and his birthday weekend too.
    Nice piece, SP. it won’t be long before Sky have Christmas moved to suit their schedule. Have a good un 🙂

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