Cricket Captain 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 08.19.17

If Don Bradman Cricket 17 is the cricket equivalent of FIFA then Cricket Captain is the cricket version of Football Manager.

The latest instalment of Cricket Captain is scheduled to release in less than a week, July 6th to be precise. Cricket Captain 17, with James Anderson replacing Chris Rogers as poster boy will be available on Steam, Mac, Android and iOS.

Cricket Captain is not for the casual gamer. If you’re a cricket geek who loves stats and basically wants to act a selector then this is the game for you. I imagine that if you spend a few hours a day commuting to and from work on a train then Cricket Captain would be the perfect time killer. You don’t control the players in the manner of a console game but you do choose what the players do, i.e: how aggressive they bat, what length they bowl etc.

Criticism of the game is often that each version is nothing more than a statistical update. To be fair, that doesn’t seem to be far from the truth but Cricket Captain usually comes in at less than £20.00. That may in part be because they no longer produce the game in disc form so can save on costs. The imagery on their Facebook page has the stadiums looking really, really cool and many global leagues have been added, therefore broadening the appeal and scope of the game.

Be warned, your family and other interests will probably be neglected if you purchase this game. It’s addictive and like Alastair Cook in the slips, I intend getting my hands on it… it’s probably the only way that Mark Footitt will ever get selected for England!

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