A Complete Restructure of International Cricket: Revisited


Following my previous proposals for, in the words of David Bowie…

I have decided to make, in the words of you know who, ch, ch, chan…

You get the idea!

Here’s the link to my original article…


I have now decided to expand the International Championship to 13 teams. This is to provide anxious current Test nations with the security required in order to vote for ch, ch, chang….

I have trimmed the First Class, List A and T20 divisions from two to one and have limited the second and third tiers to nine teams. This is due to the financial restraints that are present on lesser nations. The notion of these sides jetting around the world as many times as the top tier teams is for the time being at least, in-practitcal. I’m ditching any suggestion of a play-off and am proposing that one team alone is relegated from the International Championship and therefore one team alone is promoted from International Division One. Again, this provides security to current full member nations including the minnows, they simply have to avoid finishing last to avoid being relegated! That may seem a long slog, a four year worldwide cycle for just one spot but the prize is Test match cricket as well as full ODI and T20I status. It should not be given away easily.

Tours remain three matches of each format (Yes that’s right, the Ashes as we know it is dead!) scaled back to one match per format in International Division Two and beyond. Again, this is for financial and practical purposes for less equipped nations.

Here’s an update and a recap of the league breakdown:

International Championship

Test, ODI and T20I status

13 teams

4 year cycle

6 home series / 6 away series

All series consist of three Test matches, three ODI matches and three T20I matches

1 team relegated (But guaranteed four years of consistent and structured FC, LA and T20 cricket)

International Division One

First Class, List A and T20 status

9 teams

4 year cycle

4 home series / 4 away series

All series consist of three First Class matches, three List A matches and three T20 matches

1 team promoted

1 team relegated

International Division Two

Other status

9 teams

4 year cycle

4 home series / 4 away series

All series consist of one four-day match, one one-day match and one T20 match

1 team promoted

1 team relegated

The points system would of course be crucial and in truth I need to do a few more calculations. I think that the points system put forward in my original article seemed fair in terms of getting the balance right for each format however some freak results could possibly lead to, for example: A team winning all their T20I matches but losing all Tests and ODIs and finishing bottom of the overall table. As a result said team would not only concede their Test and ODI status but their T20I status as well. I guess I’ll clarify the points system in the article ‘A Completer Restructure of International Cricket Re-revisited’!

I know what you’re thinking: What about hemispherical control?

It’s a very good question but I don’t think it matters. If maybe twenty years down the line the entire top tier consisted of southern hemisphere sides then there’s enough time to schedule all series. There would be lengthy periods of no top flight cricket but would it really matter? Committed and passionate fans will be following their nation in the division that they are in. It would be ideal though possibly not practical if the final round of T20I matches could be played simultaneously.

Imagine winning International Division One. The players would be…

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