Ashes Cricket (PS4): Career Mode – The Curse of Michael Slater!


Michael Slater fell in the nineties on nine occasions during his Test career. Although I’m not a Test cricketer (Yet!) I’ve now succumbed twice in the space of three innings when within touching distance of a century. This time against Bradford I was just one shot away and in hindsight should have carried on sweeping but an attempted push into the covers on the off-side saw me edge behind and yes, it was spin again. In the first innings I’d actually fallen to pace for the first time in my career when I threw my wicket away having been well set on 45.


I batted positively but not recklessly however former Australian opener Slater’s constant chat in my ear clearly wore off on me once I entered the nervous nineties. No doubt next time I’ll be a quivering wreck! Still, scores of 0,4,19,91,45 & 95 make for an impressive start to my career.

Catch up next time…

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