Goodness Gracious Jake Ball’s on Fire!

Jake Ball.JPG

Well he might be if he plays in the first Test of the 2017-18 Ashes series but one can’t sit on a headline that good!

It seemed as though Craig Overton had displaced the injury stricken Ball for the first Test but JB3 is now fit for selection and primed to return. Overton’s wicketless display in England’s final warm-up game combined with his three ducks in a row when he could have pushed his case mean that Ball may be presented with the opportunity to shave his Test bowling average of 114.00!

Back to Overton, there have been recently written articles about the Somerset man in relation to an incident that happened two years ago. There are some that believe Overton to be racist. Does ‘that’ one comment make him a racist? Has he made any other similar comments in any walk of his life? Was he actually raising an astute point regarding a non-English/non-international cricketer not classed as an overseas player taking up the place of local talent? Of course if I approached a Pakistan-born man on the street and advised him to “F^*k off back to your own f^*king country” then I’d be charged with racism, no doubt about it!

Onto the cricket, it’s brewing nicely. England have had a decent pre-series workout with the likes of Mark Stoneman and Dawid Malan registering First Class hundreds (That’s First Class not 15-a-side nonsense!) and James Vince recording some very James Vince-like scores! Australia on the other hand have made six changes to their team and upset a few people in doing so but if they win the Ashes then the selectors will be considered ruthless and shrewd geniuses.

We’ll see how it all plays out soon…

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