Blog Review: Advice, Tips and Some Cries for Help!

It’s over two years ago now that I started this blog and I’m still going… strong?!

In the past couple of days, I (Or you) have produced record-breaking performances on both the views and likes front.

I added audio to my blog not that long ago and have recently debuted on YouTube. Making my way to the crease on YouTube has led me to review a few things, the most crucial of which has been tagging. So it turns out that I’ve been tagging all wrong! Well not all wrong but here’s a crucial thing that I’ve discovered by actually bothering to read the advise on WordPress

Don’t put anymore than a combined fifteen categories or tags otherwise your article won’t show up on Reader.

I thought that tags were how people found your writings on the internet but no, the internet can actually identify the content from your writing, I think that this is called meta. I’m aware that my absence from platforms such as Twitter limits my reach but as much as I’d like to communicate with a larger audience, I don’t want to spend my entire life in front of a screen. I could help myself by tagging correctly though!

My YouTube videos aren’t quite as polished or spectacular as I’d like them to be. A limit on both time, opportunity and crucially location in such a small and busy environment restrict the quality of my finished product but enough excuses… I’ll get better!

Back to tagging. On YouTube the suggestion seems to be that you wouldn’t just tag ‘cricket’ or ‘joe root’ but ‘how to play cricket’ or ‘batting tutorial’. The fact that most search terms that people have used to find our blogs display as ‘Unknown Search Terms’ really isn’t helpful. If we could see what people have keyed in then it would be extremely beneficial. Of course my articles aren’t generally ‘How to…’ videos. Most people seem to come to my blog for my Don Bradman and Ashes Cricket computer game articles. They seem to have typed for example ‘Don Bradman career mode’ or ‘Ashes Cricket PS4’ into a search engine and found my work. Ultimately those games are a niche area with, in the grand scheme of things, limited content on the world wide web. If somebody types in ‘cricket’ or ‘Virat Kohli’ then they’re unlikely to find my blog at the top of Google!

I’ve always said that “My blog might be rubbish but at least it’s my rubbish”. The content, though sometimes inspired from other written work is my research and content. The photos, though occasionally a photo of a trading card or a calendar are my photos. I stopped following the copy and paste addicts a long time ago but I do think that a lot of bloggers need to educate themselves on use of images online.

I hope that one or two things I’ve written above are helpful to other bloggers and if anyone can help me with tagging tips and general advice on gaining exposure then please let me know… but please don’t tell me “Social media”… I know!

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