Cricket Captain 2019: Release Info!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.52.36

The word from the horse’s mouth is that Cricket Captain 2019 will be “Releasing for the start of the World Cup”.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.29.21

Big Ant’s latest console effort, Cricket 19, will be with us around the same time and it’s great that the latest instalment of Cricket Captain will be arriving to coincide with this summer’s showcase too.

4 thoughts on “Cricket Captain 2019: Release Info!

  1. Fantastic news. When we are not watching the World Cup we have the console and the computer to play on. What a year to be a Cricket player/fan/supporter/follower.

    P.S Hope you are fine after your hospital visit 🙂


    1. Yeah great news, though if I’m gonna dig the PS out for Cricket 19 alongside the blog then CC might have to take a hit. My wife and daughters merit some attention from time to time!

      It was my eldest daughter who was in hospital. She suffers from the same heart condition as former Ozzie spinner Beau Casson. Bizarrely, when we were in hospital during heart surgery that went wrong, I met Ajmal Shahzad! I wrote about that a while back but this visit wasn’t quite as serious. It did unexpectedly occupy my entire week I’d booked off work though!

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      1. Ok good to hear and Shahzad is a nice person. I hope your daughter is recovering and is all right.

        Your family like the rest do merit some of our attention! I think I will probably go to begin with Cricket 19 but then switch to Cricket Captain when C19 gets not boring but quite similiar.

        Hope the family is well and enjoy your Easter


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