Carlos Goes Crazy!

Not for the first time on the international stage, West Indies’ all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite demonstrated his immense talent…

Unfortunately, if not for the first time, it was only about the second or third time he’d done so in 79 international appearances…

This can’t be another bi-annual flash in the pan for the thirty-year-old. With age and experience must come consistency.

As for criticism of the tournament structure, it’s misguided. Yes I’d love more nations to be a part of the WORLD Cup but as it is, the set-up is correct. Quite simply, everybody plays everybody and the best four teams qualify for the semi-finals. Call it predictable but isn’t this how it should be?

Smaller groups with less teams lead to one shock effecting the whole tournament. Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly a sporting romantic and love the underdog to prevail but the structure of the 2019 Cricket World Cup is fine. Some teams just need to play better and unfortunately teams like West Indies, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka took too long to do so!

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