Cricket 19: NWHTC – Statistical Update

Having reached the halfway point of the round robin stage of the inaugural North Western Hemisphere Test Championship, here are some statistical highlights from our performances. Remember that we lost to Scotland in our opening match but have gone onto beat Canada, USA, Ireland and Netherlands.

Highest Team Total: 493-8 dec vs. USA at Edgbaston

Highest Individual Innings: Haseeb Hameed – 154 vs. USA at Edgbaston

Highest Batting Average: Joe Root – 52.25

Leading Run-scorer: Joe Root – 418

Most Catches: Jonny Bairstow – 41 (Forty-One!!!)

Best Bowling (Innings): Sam Curran – 6-26 vs. USA at Edgbaston

Best Bowling (Match): Sam Curran – 10-127 vs. Canada at Ottawa Oval

Best Bowling Average: Sam Curran – 13.50

Leading wicket taker: Sam Curran – 28

5 thoughts on “Cricket 19: NWHTC – Statistical Update

  1. It is safe to say that is it the Sam Curran show and batsman beware! Some very good stats in there and hopefully you can break some NWHTC records! (I got the abbreviation right this time haha)


    1. Still a long way to go. We’ve got the ODIs next then if we can consolidate a top two position in the Tests there could be tinkering but yes, Curran’s in pole position to finish as leading wicket-taker.

      I’m putting together my 35-man ODI squad now because once you start a competition you’re locked into that squad. Always got to think ahead about players coming through in real life.

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      1. Yes I noticed that with completions in ashes Cricket and did mine for the test league before and will do for an upcoming tournament….

        Curran is incredibly consistent and could have a lot of wickets under his belt. The ODI’s would be a good win and so would becoming champions of the test championship but as you said a long way to go especially with the amount of matches you play


      2. I very deliberately only put six teams in my Test Championship in the hope that I’d actually finish it this time!

        Looking forward to breaking off for ODIs though. I particularly enjoy chasing. Just failing to chase over 300 against Nepal despite an Adam Lyth century on DBC 17 still lives long in the memory… probably because I’ve written about it God knows how many times!

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      3. Yes Adam Lyra is a cornerstone of your work and I hope you enjoy the break and the fun of limited overs cricket.

        Hopefully with exams now over I can relax and grind through test matches to get the competition finished this time fingers crossed….


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