The Sky is not the Limit!

Sky Sports are responsible for the demise of cricket in our country. There are other factors mainly revolving around families and Saturday night TV but ultimately Sky Sports is responsible. They took the game away from our screens and denied children the opportunity to witness cricket and be inspired. They’ve robbed us of a whole generation of both fans and players.

Fair play to them though… if only for one day!

They’ve allowed the 2019 Cricket World Cup final to be aired on free to air TV. England’s players have one day to inspire a nation. If kids watch the match, pick up a bat, go into the garden with their family, to a local club or strangers playing in a park end up playing together then it was worth it. I guarantee that at least one future professional player will exist because they saw Saturdays match when they otherwise wouldn’t have.

You can tell me that Sky took cricket into schools but when you don’t have idols to follow the inspiration isn’t always there. You can tell me that Sky funds a chunk of the England player’s salary but so be it. Take that chunk out and see if the players still want to play. There are plenty of other potential sponsors who will fill the void if their company name is going to be regularly shown on free to air TV.

The monster that is Sky Sports has robbed a generation but for one day cricket can inspire a nation!

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