James Buttler: Following On Book Review

This book is a decent read. Buttler has interviewed a number of players, past and present but also relies on second hand information.

I found his Joe Bloggs question a little lacking in logic if you really think it about and there’s a few errors in the text, missing words etc that I always find frustrating when you think how many people must’ve read a book before it hits the shelves.

My enjoyment of the book may have suffered from me reaching a tipping point having feasted on so much cricket literature. There’s definitely food for thought if you have children and it provides quite an insight into Jonny Bairstow’s ‘The whole world is against me’ mindset. If you’ve been sheltered and protected throughout your life then it’s no wonder that when you receive criticism aged 28 you respond like a fourteen-year-old!

Buttler does make an astute point about sometimes asking not well thought out questions but how cricketers/coaches can save them with an interesting answer but a football player/manager may be less inclined to do so.

James Buttler’s Following On scores…


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