Agonising Agnew!

Having watched a few clips of the 2019 Cricket World Cup final via BBC Online, it hit me why Channel 4’s coverage had been so good… it was because we didn’t have to listen to Jonathan Agnew’s excruciating tone and insight! Nor did we have to endure Graeme Swann. We were treated to nearly everybody else in a game of musical commentary chairs as some people popped in from Sky for short stints and they contributed to a great spectacle for television viewers.

We all have voices and minds that we prefer or dislike just like music, the movies and various other things in life. How Jonathan Agnew gets away with being the voice of cricket on BBC I have no idea. I can’t quite put my finger on one word to describe what it is about him but if he were the face of free to air television coverage then it wouldn’t help cricket appeal to young or any potential new fans.

4 thoughts on “Agonising Agnew!

  1. Hello. Could you elaborate on what you dislike about Aggers and his insight (or lack thereof)? I’m one of these people who happily regard him as the familiar, friendly, reliable voice of cricket (I know he has an unfriendly side off air). I’m interested to hear your criticisms.


    1. I think that he forgets that his audience aren’t Test cricketers. When he dismisses a shot as “Awful” or such like he seems to think that all players are robots and there’s little going on, whether that be pressure, match situation or outside factors. I find him condescending and patronising but of course we all have favourite and non-favourite commentators and pundits.

      I’ve really enjoyed the amateur angle that Gorilla Cricket provide and on TalkSport Steve Harmison seems really insightful.

      It’s often the non players (Fazeer Mohammed/Jim Maxwell) that seem to understand the game more and talk about it better.


      1. Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from with Aggers being condescending.

        I’m not familiar with Guerilla Cricket and I don’t listen to TalkSport. I’ll have to give them a try.

        It’s interesting seeing retired players enter the world of broadcasting and finding out who does and who does not have what it takes. But yes, it does seem to be non-players or less successful players who make the best commentators. I think TMS does a good job of hiring overseas representatives (including Mohammed and Maxwell).

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