Cricket 19: NWHTC/GODII Update

Hi all

I just wanted to provide an update regarding my efforts as England on Cricket 19. Having lost the first Test that we played, we’ve since won all four Tests and seven ODIs with extreme ease.

When trialling difficulty level having just bought the game I found it difficult to judge what level I should play at. I played a few muck about Five5 matches as England and started a career as a weak player so it was difficult to judge. I did try playing some trial longer matches but settled for Medium/Pro when struggling on some of the harder stuff. Clearly I’m currently playing on a level that isn’t presenting a sufficient challenge and therefore compromises my enjoyment. Though I’m obviously trying hard, wickets come too easily and the opposition just aren’t trying hard enough to post competitive totals. Regarding batting, it’s actually the easy nature that leads to me throwing wickets away but still winning with ease.

I’ve played some absolute hum-dingers of matches on previous Big Ant games, just failing to chase 330 odd against Nepal in an ODI and staving off Thailand’s pursuit of over 400 in a Test by just ten runs but haven’t experienced such thrillers on Cricket 19.

For the second half of the North Western Hemisphere Test Championship and Global One-Day Invitational I’ll be upping the difficulty level to Hard which is effectively level 4/5 rather than 3.

I’m looking forward to being tested more and the pressure being on particularly as we strive to reach the knockout stages of each competition. This may even lead to me having to drop players as oppose to generally just rotating them.

2 thoughts on “Cricket 19: NWHTC/GODII Update

  1. I think you’ve made the right call – you want to enjoy the game and be challenged and not always just win. Winning is great but sometimes I certainly want to be presented with a test and a challenge which the game itself does do on higher difficulty levels.

    For me Hard has been just about the right level for my game where I am testing out my skills against the opposition and usually have good contests. Hopefully it works out well for you!


  2. Definitely been a little more competitive but hard to judge as Scotland applied themselves well in our first encounter. Will see how it goes against Canada and USA etc but it’s ODIs that intrigue me even more. Will sides approach things more astute tactically and make for more realistic games?


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