County Lines

The County Championship returns tomorrow and not soon enough. I appreciate the skills required in white-ball cricket but just love the twists, turns and infinite possibilities that First Class cricket provides. Its return presents a great opportunity for numerous batsmen to make a case for an Ashes call given the indifferent form of some of England’s incumbent Test batters.

It also means keeping an eye on things in the hope of performing a late surge up the Telegraph Fantasy Cricket table.

Hopefully the weather will be kind up and down the land. Enjoy your cricket folks!

2 thoughts on “County Lines

  1. Ollie Pope definitely enjoyed the weather with his blockbuster innings of 221*. It seems very odd for the schedule to block off all County matches and then return with one set and then leave again. T20 Blast is great for the summer holidays but surely we need a bit more of a balance


    1. At the time of writing I hadn’t realised that CC was back for just one match. Having started the campaign with only a coupe of CC matches then blocked off for One-Day games it isn’t great for the players which ultimately isn’t great for fans.

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