Should Test Matches be Reduced to Four Days? – The Results

The results have been counted and clearly there’s a thirsty appetite for plenty of Test cricket with the idea of trimming matches to four days going down like a lead balloon…

Screenshot 2019-11-18 at 17.34.22

71% of voters, the diehard traditionalists, crave a full five day’s play with only 29% (ie: a top order England batsman’s average circa 2018!) keen to see a reduction.

My own theory for trimming a day’s play would be to round up to 100 overs each day. Of course it’s spin bowlers who might be most appalled by the prospect of never getting to bowl on a weathered, dusty and crack filled fifth day surface. I’ve even thought about having closed innings at 100 overs though innings could still straddle multiple days because of course some innings might not last 100 overs.

Thanks for your contribution and look out for another exciting poll soon!

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