Cricket 19: GODII – Matches 8-14 Scorecards

Match 8 – Port Moresby (Won by 10 wickets)

Papua New Guinea 59 all out (Ahuja 22/Curran.T 6-9, Archer 2-17)

England 60-0 (Gubbins 30*, Livingstone 28*)

Match 9 – Colwyn Bay (Won by 97 runs)

England 317 all out (Buttler 71, Curran.T 54*, Archer 50/Klein 5-65)

Canada 220-8 (Anderson 50/Woakes 2-30, Stokes 2-61)

Match 10 – New York (Won by 4 wickets)

United States of America 167-6 (Suarez 42*/Moeen 3-27)

England 168-6 (Hildreth 51*, Bairstow 36, Root 30/Kennedy 2-47, Jeffries 2-47)

Match 11 – Kowloon (Lost by 140 runs)

Hong Kong 279-2 (Karpe 155*, Char 64*/Curran.S 1-48)

England 139 all out (Bairstow 33, Jacks 23/Kadakia 5-27)

Match 12 – Durham (Lost by 81 runs)

Namibia 230-7 (Larson 108/Stokes 3-64)

England 149 all out (Buttler 32, Stokes 23/Cassim 7-69)

Match 13 – Kathmandu (Won by 336 runs)

England 401 all out (Stokes 82*, Root 82, Hildreth 72/Kohli 3-67)

Nepal 65 all out (Murthy 31/Woakes 3-22, Trevaskis 2-6)

Match 14 – London (Won by 4 wickets)

Netherlands 141 all out (Long 40/Curran.T 2-8, Gregory 2-23)

England 142-6 (Moeen 49, Bairstow 22/Klaassen 1-27)

3 thoughts on “Cricket 19: GODII – Matches 8-14 Scorecards

  1. Great to see the ODI league back but a shame about the outcome in the Semi. The game has definitely got a lot harder and the patches have improved the game so I have struggled as well

    Bit of experiment in your team never a bad thing give England a good future for the years to come!

    What are your plans for cricket 19 now you’ve completed your tests and ODI’s leagues – whatever it is it will be good….


    1. Good to hear as I’ve been following planet cricket recently you have been hinting at some great ideas!

      For me as this is GCSE year post and playing time has significantly decreased and will follow that tens up until the summer – but in the free time I have been playing ….

      However I have been playing my EHTL league and whilst I’m far behind in the write ups when they come out hopefully they will capture the success or failure I’ve been facing.

      In terms of career mode I haven’t played it as much in the last 3 months or so but from release I have played a fair amount of seasons so write ups I think will be limited to memorable highlights and key points from a season which I think is still ok as this is a hobby and it’s not my main priority.

      Following the end of my custom test league I think the plans will be to start a World Test Championship or similar league as England or New Zealand – haven’t really decided yet…

      From the games I have played since release it has been the best version so far and whilst the fielding has fluctuated – the gameplay graphics the gameplay every detail is fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed playing it

      There have been some incredible moments that haven’t featured on the website team and personally and hopefully will before 2021 ….

      Despite my lack of writing, I have been very interested in your leagues as England and it’s safe to say you hooked me into each report especially the test matches – I’m looking forward to what you do next

      So thank you for the continued support and I love to read your website so thank you for the welcome distractions from my life!

      My plans are currently in the air still waiting for the full potentisk to arrive much like my home team New Zealand’s outing in Oz


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