Ben Stokes: Not SPOTY!

I’m extremely disappointed with Ben Stokes for his alleged reaction to a taunt from the crowd in the fourth Test match against South Africa.

I appreciate that Stokes has experienced a lot in life and has some serious worries at the moment. If he did use personal characteristics in his response however then it hints at an ugly undercurrent to Stokes’ own character. He should be above responding to such things though of course I can understand frustration boiling over somewhere along the line. That said, the nature of the barb simply wasn’t good enough from our nation’s Sports Personality of the Year. He deserves to be reprimanded by the ICC. End of!

3 thoughts on “Ben Stokes: Not SPOTY!

  1. Calling the spectator four eyed was a little over the top and possibly stooping down but it seems as if Stokes is unnecessarily being attacked and the ECB has been quite about it because they do not want to lose the sponsorship of Specsavers.


      1. Didn’t see the news about his punishment when I posted my comments. ICC has done the right thing. I didn’t mean that the ECB attacked Stokes. The news articles that negatively covered the incident was significantly more.


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