Sliding Doors!

Hi all

Yesterday I watched a DVD (I know, old school!) of the 2010 T20I World Cup final between Australia and England in the Caribbean.

I’m delighted to announce that England won! Australia recovered from 8 for 3 to post a semi-competitive total, thanks in the main to the brothers Hussey. A proud day for their parents if not a victorious one. There was only the slightest hint of a wobble late in England’s run chase but not enough of one to really register on the Richter scale.

The performance of Craig Kieswetter lends itself to further analysis. He actually dropped a pretty straight forward catch off Shane Watson (2) in what I think was the first over of the match. Fortunately for England, an alert Graeme Swann who was positioned at slip, reacted magnificently to just about cling on. It was a sliding doors moment if ever there was one. If the ball had tumbled to the ground without Swann’s interception, would England’s heads have dropped? How many runs would Shane Watson have plundered? Would Kieswetter have recovered to produce the match winning batting display that he did?

For poor Kieswetter, his man of the match performance would forever remain a career high. Of course there would’ve been no shame in that but having to retire early courtesy of a horrific eye injury meant that opportunities to scale such heights again were cruelly cut short.

I’ve got the 2005 Ashes box set that I can watch now but also have a wife and two kids!

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