Cricket 19: Howzat!

Hi guys

Some of you may be aware that Big Ant have released a new patch for Cricket 19. Said patch has fundamentally changed the game. The batsmen’s movement is restricted and shot power/timing has been diminished. This seems to stem from people playing online getting frustrated at batsmen standing outside off stump and smacking predominantly spin bowlers for 6 behind square leg… yeah, like I did (Offline) and I enjoyed it!

Now I don’t necessarily take issues with the changes making the game harder and maybe more real (I was trying to score more on the off side) though some leeway needs to be provided regarding the batsmen’s ability to move across his stumps. Currently, he (Or she) is far too restricted. What I take issue with is that I’m now not playing the same game so all the effort I’ve put into my France career is compromised. I’ve bought all Big Ant’s cricket games, persevered through some shocking bugs, spent £40+ on this one, played it for over a year, enjoyed it… and now it’s been changed. I don’t mind the challenge but having seen my players improve and produce career best performances in my last match, I’m now starting again, effectively playing on a higher skill level. That ruins the fantasy of my players stats and career development. I like consistency. I’m happy to play the ‘new’ game but I’ll have to start a new team (And that is a big piece of work… for Big Ant to then undo or at least compromise on the patch). Like I say, I don’t mind the new challenge but it’s just ruined the purity of my players’ stats that I follow keenly. Christophe Martinez scored 182* in my last match and Maxime Bernard 31 on debut after a duck in the first innings. They both just got out for 6 which could well have happened anyway… but they got out and I didn’t score runs because of the changes. I don’t mind as such but it flaws the consistency and so I’ll have to start from scratch! I enjoyed playing as France but only played about a dozen matches in each format. I wanted to see my team develop over a lot more.

I absolutely love bowling on this game. Getting a nick to the keeper off a pace bowler, an LBW or a spinner knocking over the stumps. It’s so real! Yet that too is ruined by the catching lottery. Will we get the chance to catch the ball? Will the computer do it? Will they catch it or won’t they? And as for some of the overthrows, boundary fielding, run outs and quick leg byes while the wicketkeeper lies on the floor!

I’ve praised this game but by game five we should expect a marked improvement, in fundamental gameplay let alone Career content for example.

I’m not sure what I’ll do. Creating and playing as France made sense to me and I really aren’t sure who to create to start afresh. It’s a big ask creating all the players, kits and stadium. I expect Big Ant to revisit this patch but the game will still have changed and that has compromised my efforts. I might sound like I take this too seriously but… I do! It’s a little bit of fantasy and there are worse hobbies (I think!). For the makers of the game to just change the skill level/run scoring opportunity of a game I’ve enjoyed playing for so long isn’t on. I was playing this game full throttle in the past week… now I’m not!

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