Cricket Films Worth Watching

Following on (See what I did there?) from my recent post titled ‘Cricket Books Worth Reading’…

Here are some cricket films that are well worth watching. As was the case with books, it’s pretty much all non-fiction (Documentaries). Oh, and actually some of them are books as well…

Death of a Gentleman

For cynics of cricket’s top brass, feast on this!

Fire in Babylon

Focusing on West Indian success throughout the 1970s and 80s.

Out of the Ashes

This film charts the rapid rise of the Afghanistan men’s team… including the unceremonious ditching of their coach!


I bet that you never thought you’d watch a film about cricket and female genital mutilation did you?

Here’s the link to my original write-up…

Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War

This is actually a two-part television drama and the book that it’s based on featured in my ‘… Worth Reading’ list…

In terms of fiction, there are films such as P’tang Yang Kipperbang and Wondrous Oblivion to Watch.

Lookout for my review of Sachin: A Billion Dreams soon. Because somebody’s getting it for Christmas!!!

Warriors DVD Review

Cricket and Female Genital Mutilation. Not necessarily a combination that you might think would go together and possibly the last subject matter you’d have considered for your next movie night!

This isn’t so much a film review but more just an advice that I’ve watched it and an invite for you to do the same. The film follows the Maasai Warriors cricket team from their homes in rural Kenya to their attempt at the Last Man Stands World Championship just a few years ago.

The team are not just out to play bat and ball but to lead a crusade against the female genital mutilation that takes place in Kenya.

There is a saying in Maasai culture that goes “The eye that leaves the village sees further”. For the Maasai Warriors their trip to London not only provides them with the opportunity to visit Lords and play cricket but means that they return to their village with greater authority, respect and voices to be heard.

Can they get their elders to end the practice of female genital mutilation in their community?

Silly Point provides Warriors with a score of…

91 not out