It’s Just Not Cricket!

Rarely do I stray from my primary subject on this blog but I’ve been… inspired to do so!

Cambridge have just defeated Oxford in the university boat race. This is a huge sporting event in our country. To participate requires immense skill and strength not to mention exhaustive training over a sustained period of time. I can’t help but think that the fact Cambridge had two-time Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell in their team however has somewhat compromised the integrity of the competition.

I have huge respect for Cracknell as an athlete and as someone who has faced immense challenges away from the river. He is currently studying for a masters and good on him for doing so. Had he assisted in training then fair enough but for him to be one quarter of a team is unsavoury and inappropriate in my opinion.

I could go on and make hypothetical comparisons and apply them to cricket but will pause here. I know it’s not cricket but it is my blog. I promise to return to the world’s premier sport come my next post!